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Yahoo! Search Blog Review

April 29, 2008

I was interested in the Yahoo! Search Blog because of the recent swirl of controversy over Microsoft’s huge offer to buy Yahoo! I was expecting to read a blog that was boring and full of technical jargon that no normal person could understand.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find that the Yahoo! blog is easy to read and full of interesting updates for users. The posts contain pictures and clear, concise instructions on how to use features and how they can improve the Yahoo! experience. Many of the posts were about events that Yahoo! is hosting such as conferences with speakers, or trade shows they will be attending. I think that information would be appreciated by Yahoo! followers because might see that an event is being hosted in their area and decide to go.

Overall, I rate this blog: Good

On a scale of 1-10

Ease of Finding: 8 The blog is pretty easy to find; when I typed in “Yahoo blog” into my Google Search – sorry Yahoo, but Google is my homepage – it came up third on the list. Not bad, I certainly didn’t have to search for it, but it seems like they could do some kind of search engine optimization to get it to be the first link that pops up.

Frequency: 4 – A little inconsistent. Some of the posts come about every other day and then they will just stop and there won’t be another post for around a month.

Engaging Writing: 9 – The writing is conversational and easy to read. Use of bullet points and graphics also makes the posts engaging to read.

Relevant: 9 – All of the posts are relevant to Yahoo readers.

Focused: 7 – The site is geared toward Yahoo! users and the posts are focused on topics casual Yahoo! users would find interesting. Perhaps they could include more posts for the technically knowledgeable.

Honest: 8 – The site seems to be very honest. The posts don’t come across as promotional or “fake.”

Interactive: 6 – The site is pretty interactive. Links take readers to other posts and users can make comments about the posts. Additionally, readers can add the posts to their and digg pages.

Responsive: 3 – It’s hard to determine, but I looked at some of the comment pages and Yahoo! does not seem to respond to the comments posted on the site.

Yahoo! Search Blog received a total of 54 out of a possible 80. Not too bad. Overall, I enjoyed reading the Yahoo! Search Blog and I would encourage frequent Yahoo! users to check it out!


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  1. Great review, I was wondering if anymore of your fellow students have reviewed other fortune 500 blogs? Perhaps you would email me?

  2. Hello Stephanie:

    Welcome to blogging, Stephanie. You are off to a good start with your first blogging effort. I wish you great success.


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